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New York State DBE and WBE certified firm

Site Remediation - Greenstar Environmental Solutions, LLC offers clients the ability to characterize sites with focus on cost effective remediation and reducing long-term project costs in New York and New Jersey. Our staff has completed numerous site investigations and remediation for ranging in size from small properties to Superfund Sites containing dozens of individual areas of investigation.
LSRP - NJDEP now requires responsible parties associated with contaminated properties to hire a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) for the management of their environmental site. There are also many potential reasons why retaining an LSRP would make sense, or may be required. If you have questions regarding the requirements of the LSRP program, we are here to help. Greenstar Environmental Solutions, LLC has an LSRP on who is experienced in all requirements of the LSRP program. Greenstar Environmental Solutions, LLC offers a complimentary consultation to determine the best approach and strategy for your project. If interested, please contact Pete Nimmer, PG, LSRP at 845-223-9944 or by email.
Vapor Intrusion Issues - Indoor air and soil vapor sampling has become a high profile issue at many sites. Environmental Solutions, LLC routinely provides clients with air sampling services including indoor air, sub-slab and near slab sampling, preparation of Work Plan and Reporting documents, negotiations with regulators, and ensuring the safety of residents or workers.
Data Management and Visualization - Environmental investigations and site remediation work generate a large amount of data. Many site managers do not capture and track site data efficiently which can result in increased costs. Greenstar Environmental Solutions, LLC understands how to track and use all existing data so site decision makers can quickly and easily access and use site data. Greenstar Environmental Solutions, LLC uses many different tools for data visualization such as 3-D block models, GIS tools, and spatial analysis. We know that a well-designed graphic can provide a convincing argument.
Field Services - Greenstar Environmental Solutions, LLC provides cost-effective groundwater sampling or soil sampling field services. Greenstar is a low-flow certified laboratory in New Jersey.
Treatment Systems - Greenstar Environmental Solutions, LLC provides O+M of groundwater and air treatment systems. Treatment systems can be a complex mix of groundwater, air and electrical systems which require consistent attention to remain active and effective. We always look to provide the lowest cost solution for treatment system operations.
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